What We’re Listening To: Winter 2015

Mark Curdo, host of the WCYY Morning Show as well as its new music/local music show and Spinout, shares what’s dominating his record rotation this winter.

GK and the Right of Way: Watching in My Mind

Dark Hollow Bottling Company’s Greg Klein brings his grassroots Americana spirit forward with a new four-piece rock band. With the talented John Clavette also on board, Klein is still serving up tasty, down-home tunes, this time with a bite to them.

Kris Rodgers and the Dirty Gems: Headlines

Kris Rodgers has one of the best rock voices in Maine. His first official full-length CD might be one of the best pop rock/piano rock albums we’ve heard around here. Elton John and Billy Joel meets Elvis (the nerdy one) after some slugs of whiskey.

MeRCy: Future(s)

Sometimes it takes almost 20 years to make your third record. Always tough to define, MeRCy’s music is still as intriguing as their first two records. It’s progressive, it’s rock, it’s jazz, and it’s always daring. In a time when the local music scene is evolving, it still feels fresh, even two decades later.

The Lees of Memory: Sisyphus Says

Former members of Superdrag, John Davis and Brandon Fisher have re-teamed for a band that’s still on the pop side of rock, but this time more shoegazing in front of a wall of guitars, making it one of my favorites of the year.

Johnny Marr: Playland

The Smiths guitarist/songwriter Johnny Marr’s second solo record is another pop rock gem. Thirty years on, Marr’s writing is still strong. “Easy Money” is one of the best singles this year. You can hear his Modest Mouse experience in that one. Dance!cover - JOHNNY MARR

Nat King Cole: The Christmas Song

Truth be told, I listen to this one all year. Holiday songs are some of the best songs of all time. Nat’s powerful, yet comforting voice can draw a crowd or tuck you in just as easily.

Stevie Wonder: With a Song in My Heart

Hearing this genius in his younger years is mind-blowing. There are some wonderful standards on this album, Stevie’s third— which he recorded at the age of 13. My bucket list got a little bit shorter when I was lucky enough to see him live recently.


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