What We’re Listening To: Fall 2014

Mark Curdo, host of The WCYY Morning Show …Show as well as its new and local music show, Spinout, shares what he’s rocking out to this fall.

Toughcats: Rough Ones

Their fourth record might be their best. A banjo doesn’t mean they’re Mumford and Sons! At times the sound is indie-pop, quirky in the style of Vampire Weekend, mixed with the roots-rock feel of old Wilco. Guster fans might approve too.

Sea Level: Sea Level

The third release from Sea Level, a.k.a Dan Capaldi, is more atmospheric than the debut. Reminiscent of the Beatles at times and Portishead at others, the new Sea Level record creates lush, dreamy pop, which also features Eyenine, the Fogcutters, and Kristina Kentigian.

Pigboat: Distracted By Adventures in Healthcare

If there’s a type of music that could beat the life out of cancer, it might just be Pigboat’s brand of sludge rock. Last year singer and guitarist Mark Belanger was fighting the disease. Now he’s cancer-free, and this relevantly titled album delivers more of Maine’s most unforgiving hard rock.

Bob Mould: Beauty and Ruin

He doesn’t owe us anything! His bands Hüsker Dü and Sugar have given more than enough to the music world, but Bob Mould is still making great stuff. This album is like Rock 101. Sit down and study!

Various Artists: I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson

A collection of covers of songs featured in Wes Anderson movies, Matt Pond, Juliana Hatfield, and others offer their takes on tunes that would make even Future Man proud!

The Horrors: Luminous

The Horrors have always been a dark and mysterious band. Lately they’ve been moving away from Munster family garage rock alternative to an almost Smiths-like shoegazing electro alternative. Modern cosmic seems about right.

The Power Station: The Power Station

The rock, soul, and groove all-star band still sounds great today. Guaranteed to get anyone dancing. Wicked riffs, powerful drums, and a sense of cool perfected by late singer Robert Palmer.

Gang of Four: Entertainment!

This English band brought rambunctiousness and the politics of punk to a New Wave scene. Herky-jerky sounds with machine-like motion. Great for dancing and pogo professionals. Bands like Franz Ferdinand owe it all to Go4.

The Bottle Rockets: 24 Hours A Day

These St. Louis guys helped fire up the alt-roots-rock movement in the early 90s, mixing Neil Young and the Replacements like no one else. Beards, flannel, Converse sneaks, trucker hats, and melodies for days.


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