Insider Picks: Best Locations for Wedding Photos

Local wedding photographers answer the question:

What are your favorite Greater Portland locations for wedding photos?

“Dana Street in the Old Port has a plethora of good stuff ! We love the ivy on Vignola, the cobblestones, and the extreme grade of the street, which makes for fun leading lines in images.” —Bethany Cox, Bethany and Dan Photography,

“My favorite spots for wedding portraits are on a schooner in Casco Bay and East End Beach.” —Tim Greenway, Tim Greenway Photography

“A few of my favorite Portland- area places are Fish Point, Mackworth Island, Kettle Cove, and clients’ own neighborhoods!” —Emily Delamater, Emily Delamater Photography

“A beautiful space that is very surprising is the Wilde Memorial Chapel and Evergreen Cemetery. The stone church offers stunning texture and architecture in the photos, and the cemetery is very large with great light and trees. With good angles you wouldn’t know where you are.” —Siobhan Bogle, Maine Tinker Photography

“HouseIslandinCascoBayhas so much potential in terms of wedding-day photographs as you have access to the whole private island, including the bunker/fort onthesouthernside.” —Rachel Buckley, Rachel Buckley Weddings

“We love Custom House Wharf, with the Harbor Fish Market, as well as a wide variety of weathered and brightly colored clapboarded walls. And that vintage Coco-Cola sign at the Porthole adds interest and flavor.” —Liz Caron, Russell Caron Wedding Photography

“City Hall, Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, the Eastern Prom, and right around where I live in the West End on State Street next to One Longfellow Square.” —Tom Couture, Tom Couture Weddings


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