Clothing & Accessories: Insider Picks

The lawyers and staff at Verrill Dana, LLP, are a stylish bunch. We asked them where they find the clothing and accessories that keep them ahead of the fashion pack.
Where do you shop for clothes?

I’m a fairly traditional guy, and most of my suits and shirts are Brooks Brothers. But my wife, who is director of merchandising for men’s apparel at L.L. Bean, also tells me what her designers like — they’re really into Fat Face. For single items you can’t get elsewhere, David Wood has Alden shoes; Portland Dry Goods still has Barbour, and Kazeem at Portland Trading Co. has a great selection. My glasses are a brand called Anglo American, you can get them at Eyes on Rosemont. —Chris Smith, partner

I like Bliss, especially their shoes. I’ve been to Judith a couple of times but I haven’t snagged anything yet. I also love Peyote Moon. — Kelly Donahue, associate

 D. Cole and Springer’s jewelers are my two favorites for gifts; they can be inexpensive or high end. For clothing, it’s Cotton Garden — I love their colors — and Motifs, especially when they have their sales going on. And let’s not forget Swiss Time for watches. — Christine Watters, legal assistant

Toko is a fun shop to find inexpensive and unusual pieces of jewelry, hats, wraps, things that you aren’t necessarily looking out for, but are great finds. I love Bliss for indulgent weekend wear and dress-up events. Zane is the go-to for great jeans. — Gretchen Johnson, director of marketing

For really good statement earrings I go to Abacus and Edgecomb Potters.— Chantal Wilson, associate

My favorite place to shop for stylish gifts is Blanche + Mimi. I love their kids’ stuff; they have really eclectic, but always on-point housewares. There’s also the new shop Rough and Tumble for gorgeous bags. —Rachel Wertheimer, counsel

If you’re into fancy jewelry, Attos has wonderful collections of older pieces for special gifts. I go to Couleur Collection for inexpensive jewelry or if I’m looking for a gift for a
staff member. — Richard Moon, counsel

I’m a bits and pieces shopper; I pick things up at Anthropologie; I’ve fallen in love with Bliss, and Carla’s is still good for business-y attire. And it’s worth poking around the second-hand consignment places too. —Suzanne Meeker, partner


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