Insider Picks: Best Breakfasts

We visit the crew at the Munjoy Hill Fire Station to find out where they eat breakfast when they’re off the clock. From diners to decks, the firefighters know how to start a day off right.

“If I’m in a hurry I go to Ohno Cafe. If I’ve got time I go to Miss Portland Diner.” – FF/P Dave Carter

“Breakfast is Becky’s. It’s just a great atmosphere. You always see someone you know down there. You always run into someone. Everybody’s really friendly, down to earth.” -Capt. Phil McGouldrick

“The best steak and eggs in town -the Front Room. With a biscuit, the homemade biscuit there. You can’t go wrong. It’s expensive, but it’s totally worth it. They give you a big slab of butter. The steaks, perfect. That’s always a good bet.” -FF Torrin Hults

“For breakfast, usually when we get off shift we go to Ruski’s. That’s a busy place in the morning. It’s a nice atmosphere. You can have a drink if you want one, get a breakfast sandwich.” -FF Paul Muldoon

“For a breakfast spot: the Porthole deck. The food and the atmosphere -it’s right on the water -especially during summertime. It’s just fun. It can turn into breakfast and lunch, too.” -FF Glenn Gorden

“This is Portland. You can’t go wrong anywhere in this city. It’s all good eating, especially here on Munjoy. For breakfast I’m still a Portland purist. Becky’s all the way.” -Lt. Dean Berry


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