Insider Picks: Notable Portlanders Name Favorite Eats

For the issue, it seemed fitting to ask some notable Portlanders: What are you go-to restaurants and favorite dishes?

“Lobster rolls at Eventide; quail eggs at Boda; burger at Nosh; donuts at HIFI; buns at Empire; green smoothie at Union (for breakfast); chicken- rice bowl at El Rayo.” –Shannon Richards, director of business development, Caleb Johnson Architects + Builders

Central Provisions is my favorite in part because the food changes frequently. We also are big fans of the seafood at Street and Company. We frequent Flatbread a ton now with the kids. My two-year-old is crazy about the pepperoni-mushroom pizza.” –Melissa Smith, CEO, WEX

“The lobster stew at the Cumberland Club; popcorn and an old fashioned at Portland Hunt and Alpine Club; the chicken Parmesan at Bruno’s; the steak tartare at Petite Jacqueline; the double real Italian with Genoa and provolone, extra pickles, at Amato’s … shall I go on?” –Brenda Garrand, CEO, Garrand Partners

“There is nothing that I like more than a bowl of miso ramen with extra garlic paste at Pai Men Miyake. I love the way it smells, the music that they play, the servers who have taken the time to get to know me, especially Shea, and the fact that the ramen is so good.” –Lucas St. Clair, board president, Elliotsville Plantation

“My favorite restaurant in Portland is Asmara. The owners are great people, their Eritrean food is delicious, and eating with your hands turns an ordinary dinner into a fun and unique experience.” –Justin Alfond, co-owner, Bayside Bowl; former state senator

“My favorite continues to be The Blue Spoon. The extravagance of its menu is its simplicity—great food prepared expertly and served by a staff that makes you feel welcome no matter how crazy- busy they might be.” –Fred Williams, director, Old Port Advisors

“If I must pick one, Back Bay Grill is flawless and one of my favorite dishes there—however they prepare it—is foie gras. I had it last week as my starter and it was so rich and silky.” –John Golden, broker, Compass Commercial Broker; blogger, The Golden Dish



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