Insider Picks: Perfect Places to Picnic

If anyone knows great places for picnics, it’s the staff at Black Tie Catering Company. We caught up with some of them at Union Kitchen, their Old Port cafe, to ask: What are your favorite picnic spots?

“I take cheese, crackers, and fruit to Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth for the beautiful views.” — Abbey Santos, administrator

“Prosecco, fruit, and cheese taste best on the beach on Peaks Island.” — Heather Dusty, event planner

“I head for Crescent Beach State Park with sandwiches, fruit salad, and Bissell beers.” — Kelcey Simpson, event planner

“I bring Otto’s pizza, PBR, and my dogs to the Eastern Prom.” — Joe French, catering chef

“I go to Fort Williams Park with finger food; I like to make kale chips, or I’ll bring cheese, crackers, and some wine.” — MaryEllen Fromkin, customer service

“I go to Mackworth Island for a hike with the dogs and to check out the fairy houses, bringing along fruit salad, lobster rolls, Union Kitchen potato salad, and Champagne.” — Amy Collins, co-owner and general manager

“I go to Chandler’s Wharf, stopping first for a smoothie at Maine Squeeze.”
— Avery Richter, executive chef

“I hit the Eastern Prom and East End Beach with sandwiches, fruit, and a growler of Barreled Souls beer.” —Nicky White, event planner

“Bissell Brothers beer, cheese, and crackers are my go-to for picnics on the Western Prom.” — Andy Negus, sous chef

“It’s a trip from Portland, but I love Pemaquid Lighthouse. My grandparents live near there, and they’ll make lobster rolls or a beefed-up Italian sandwich to eat on the rocks, along with Cape Cod chips.” — Ashley Small, pastry chef


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