Insider Picks: The Portland Sea Dogs Summer Spots

Sea Dogs games at Hadlock field are as much a beloved Portland summer pastime as warm days hanging out on the waterfront. We asked some of these boys of summer and their coaching staff where they like to go around town when they’re not on the road.

“When it’s really nice out, I go to the Lobster Shack at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth—I love their lobster roll—or hanging out listening to music at Portland Lobster Co. The deck at Boone’s is great too.” — Kevin McAvoy, pitcher.

“I go to Boone’s for the swordfish and for Portland Pie Co. for the basic pepperoni and mushroom pizza. I’m from South Carolina, and they don’t have pizza there like you do in the northeast.” — Taylor Grover, pitcher.

“Duckfat and Eventide Oyster Co. are my go-tos. I get the lobster roll at Eventide and the Cubano sandwich and a vanilla milkshake at Duckfat. I really like the truffle ketchup with the fries.” — Ty Buttrey, pitcher

“My wife and I love Taco Escobar. They have great food and we love the atmosphere. Definitely number one on my life of places to go.” — Chris Messina, strength coach

“I like Katie Made Bakery for their good breakfast sandwich and iced coffee. I also go to Dutch’s for everything avocado toast, and to Bao Bao for the varied choice of dumplings.” — Mickey Jiang, coach

“I’m a big breakfast guy, so I love Becky’s Diner. Everything on the menu is great. I also go to Portland Pie Co. for the Pawtuckaway pizza: it has meatballs and breaded chicken cutlets and I sometimes get pepperoni on it too.” — Danny Bethea, catcher

“I’m from Florida, so I love being on the water, especially now that it’s warmer. I like DiMillo’s and J’s Oyster Bar.” — Danny Mars, outfield

“I love the chicken club wraps at Amato’s right next to the stadium. I also go to Big 2o Bowling Center in Scarborough for candlepin bowling —my kids love that place.” —Kevin Walker, pitching coach




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