Ways to Boost Your Wellness

Everyone knows about eating more veggies or going for a walk at lunchtime. But here are a few out-of-the-box options for a physical and/or psychological lift.

Learn to surf

Riding a wave on a surfboard puts you in direct contact with the ocean’s energy, and Portland is a short drive from Maine’s best surfing beaches. Held on summer evenings, Surf Camp Maine’s adult surf camp is a great way to get introduced to the sport.

Go for a float

The spacious float pods and float rooms at Float Harder Relaxation Center are filled with highly concentrated salt water, resulting in gravity and sensory reduction. Floating can reduce symptoms of headaches, arthritis, and hypertension while enhancing creativity and overall wellbeing.

Unblock and balance

This unique energy-balancing massage treatment is among the many options at Soma Massage and Wellness. The session utilizes toning, crystal work, and gem stones to clear blocked energy, balance emotions, and relax your body.

Gaze at art

According to a study from the University of Westminster in London, looking at art can lower the stress hormone cortisol. Calm your mind with a stroll through the galleries at the Portland Museum of Art. You can even grab a healthy lunch or snack at the PMA Café.

Relax by the sea

The Sea Waves Massage at the Spa at Inn by the Sea simulates the movement of the ocean. Lying on the surround-sound massage table, you feel as if you are on an especially comfortable beach, feeling the vibration of the waves as they roll in.

Let it rain

Slough off winter-weary skin with a Vichy Rain Treatment, a luxurious combination of full-body exfoliation and massage, performed on the Vichy Rain Shower table at Portland Regency Hotel and Spa.

Eat Maine oysters

According to Barton Seaver, a chef, author, and seafood expert who lives in Freeport, “Eating farmed oysters is our patriotic duty. They are not just sustainable, they actually help to restore depleted ecosystems.” Oysters are also high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Stop in at The Shop or J’s Oyster for a healthy slurp.


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