The people who live, work, play, and love Portland, Maine

Kayak Connection

For Rippleffect executive director Adam Shepherd, outdoor education is a path to leadership skills.

On Her Watch

Aboard Frances, Captain Megan Jones honors Portland’s sailing heritage and her personal story.

A Life on the Water

Talking shop and ship with operations manager (and former ferryboat captain) Nick Mavodones of Casco Bay Lines.

Lobster Legacy

Protecting a traditional industry through progressive marketing, worker-influenced lawmaking, and positive example.

Fresh Catch

Maine’s Lobster Apprentice Program seeks to bring new workers into an old industry.

Promoting Prosperity

Quincy Hentzel leads the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce in supporting the area’s success.

Sea Worthy

At Portland Yacht Services, Phin and Joanna Sprague keep the boating community afloat.