The people who live, work, play, and love Portland, Maine

Promoting Prosperity

Quincy Hentzel leads the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce in supporting the area’s success.

Sea Worthy

At Portland Yacht Services, Phin and Joanna Sprague keep the boating community afloat.

Opportunity Accelerator

Through multiple partnerships, Patrick Arnold of Soli DG is redefining waterfront development in Portland.

All Hands On Deck

Hard work and commitment to family keep the DiMillos’s diversified business afloat. 

Landing Love

Jill Hinckley brings skills honed in the boat business to relationship navigation.

Parallel Growth

Evolving along with the city, Tilson and its employees put down roots in Portland.

Creative Team

At Abacus, Sal Scaglione and Dana Heacock have supported art and craft for more than four decades.