Walk Kettle Cove and Crescent Beach: 3.0 miles

Not ready to give up on summer sand? Drive to these two beaches adjacent to each other in Cape Elizabeth, about 20 minutes south of Portland, for a coastal treat.

Park in the Kettle Cove lot, where you’ll likely see both lobstermen and paddleboarders. Walk up Ocean House Road. Past the Two Lights maintenance facility, you’ll find the trailhead on your left. Follow the brambly path toward Crescent Beach State Park, past the Inn by the Sea and near the start of Maine’s internationally acclaimed 10K Beach to Beacon race. You’ll arrive at the Crescent Beach facilities, which include changing rooms and a snack bar in the summer. Continue on the grass-lined path that runs parallel to the seashore until it comes out onto the sand, then pick up the trail again over the rocks at Jordan Point, at the end of the beach. Across the water, you’ll see Richmond Island. Continue on, taking a right on the path. Respect the boundaries here, as requested by the private family who leases 100 acres of its property to the State of Maine for beach access. Follow the trail to its end, taking a right onto the Crescent Beach access road. Follow this to the beach, where you’ll take a left and walk the shoreline back to your car at Kettle Cove.


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