Walk Mackworth Island: 1.7 miles

A family-friendly flat trail circles this tiny gem of an island, which is located just outside the Portland city limits.

To get there, drive north on I-295 and take the first Falmouth exit onto Route 1. Cross the Martin’s Point Bridge and look for signs directing you to the island. Turn right onto Andrews Avenue and follow the street across the causeway. There is a small parking lot on the right. Mackworth is a popular destination, so you may wish to arrive early to secure a spot. Find the clearly marked trail at the end of the lot, and make your donation for trail upkeep before beginning the loop that will bring you around the island. Across the water to the right you will see the Martin’s Point Bridge and the East End Beach, with the Portland skyline behind it. Fort Gorges comes into view as you round the first bend, while the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf and Friends School of Portland share space on the land to your left. Take the time to sit on the swings and enjoy the Casco Bay islands to the east, wander down one of the several wooden staircases that give access to the beaches below, or walk out onto the well-maintained dock. On one section of the trail, fairy houses created by local children dot the forest floor. Feel free to construct your own with twigs, acorn caps, or other naturally found items before finishing your walk with a view of the Falmouth shore. 


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