Coffee Shops


    75 Commercial St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    Yet another pioneer in regards to how Portlanders get by in the morning, Standard took the city by storm in the 90s by showing us just how… Read more »


    2 Free Street, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    Arabica was responsible for first raising awareness of great coffee in Portland back in the 90s, offering small estate selections like Jamaican Blue Mountain that were previously unheard… Read more »


    185 Middle St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    Bard is one of Portland’s coffee houses that’s putting the spotlight on small producers, while employing state-of-the-art roasting techniques to ensure both consistency and efficiency. The result… Read more »


    434 Fore St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    If you’re passing by and need a pick-me-up, you could simply order an espresso. But since this shop serves what is quite possibly the best gelato in… Read more »


    1 Diamond St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    As roasters, Coffee By Design creates custom blends available exclusively on premise. The company was also pivotal in installing great coffee programs in restaurants throughout the city…. Read more »


    722 Congress St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    The archetypal neighborhood coffee shop with a few unexpected twists, such as Vietnamese coffee and the occasional Thai food offering on special, Yordprom has built a very… Read more »


    90 Congress St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    Long a Munjoy Hill staple, the Hilltop recently moved directly across the street into fancy new digs formerly occupied by Bar Lola. A full range of coffees… Read more »


    122 Anderson St, Portland, Maine

    : $$$$

    After tenures with some of the most prestigious roasters in the country, including Blue Bottle, Will and Kathleen Pratt have built a devoted following in Portland with… Read more »


    567 Congress St, Maine, Portland

    : $$$$

    I am comfortable telling you that I have never in my life tasted coffees with delicate yet intense layers of flavor like those offered here. Amazing beans… Read more »