Boone’s Fish House and Oyster Room

The menu at Boone’s claims that the original proprietor, Alexander Boone, was the first chef ever to dream up the iconic baked stuffed lobster, a dish that has become synonymous with Maine’s culinary accomplishments since the late-nineteenth century.

Since chef Harding Lee Smith renovated and re-opened the birthplace of the baked stuffed lobster as Boone’s Fish House and Oyster Room, the dish has quickly regained the popularity it enjoyed in the original manifestation of the restaurant. The recipe bears similarity to the classic French preparation of lobster thermidor, substituting a seafood and cracker stuffing for the traditional mustard cream sauce.

At Boone’s, chef Smith employs a one-and-a- half-pound lobster as the vessel for a filling of scallops, lobster meat, Old Bay seasoning, herbs, mayo, and a sprinkling of crushed oyster crackers. “Our stuffing has very little breading in it,” he says. “In fact, it basically has just enough to hold it together. I want to avoid the gooey, soggy filling that is unfortunately so often the case with this dish these days.” After the lobster is stuffed, it is ladled with drawn butter and browned in the oven until a beautiful golden-brown crust forms, yet the interior remains rich and tender.

It is perfect with a slightly chilled bottle of white Burgundy, on the deck overlooking the ocean.


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