Central Provisions: Chris Gould’s Cinnamon Smoked Carrots

  • Chris Gould, Central Provisions, Portland, ME
  • Cinnamon Smoked Carrots at Central Provisions, Portland, ME

    Cinnamon Smoked Carrots showcases the true versatility of the vegetable.

With an impressive resume that includes stints under chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette, chef Chris Gould has been hard at work for the past two years bringing Central Provisions to fruition. The effort has paid off, and nearly overnight it has become both the local hotspot and media darling that has given the Old Port a much-needed update in the culinary landscape.

Carrots—yes, as in the root vegetable—have been all the rage of late with chefs, and Gould is no exception. For his Cinnamon Smoked Carrots, Gould employs heirloom varieties, sautéing them in goat butter before smoking them over star anise, cinnamon, and hay. It’s served with a pistachio vinaigrette and goat cheese. “I love how the creamy, tangy goat cheese, made in-house, and the sweet-tart pistachio vinaigrette complement the warm spices of the smoky carrots,” he says.

While carrots may be of the moment, Gould conceptualized his dish back during his days at Uni in Boston, although he was unable to prepare it there due to the constraints of the Japanese menu. “Opening Central Provisions has given me the ability to break free from any culinary limitations,” he says. “I’m able to finally produce my full vision of this dish.”

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