Timber: Casey Christensen’s New York Strip Steak au Poivre

  • Casey Christensen of Timber

When it comes to great steak, one really does not need to do much beyond simply cook it properly and let the quality of the meat speak for itself. Timber prides itself on doing just that, and in charge of the hellishly hot, absolutely gorgeous new Vulcan grill is Casey Christensen.

His signature dish is a New York Strip Steak au Poivre, crusted with three kinds of peppercorns. The meat itself is 100-percent Certified Angus Beef, and for those who are so inclined it arrives with a complex reduction of bourbon, mustard, veal stock, and herbs. The result is tender, well-marbled, and practically able to be cut with a fork.

Christensen agrees that the dish is fitting for a restaurant that boasts one of the most extensive bourbon whiskey selections in the state. All of the rich, smoky, and piquant flavors of the steak would be pure heaven with a tumbler full of Bulleit bourbon or even something a bit more potent.

When I inquire of him why, of all the steaks on the list, this is the one that he named as the signature, his response is simple: “Ask someone who’s ever had it.”

106 Exchange St. | 207.805.1469


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