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  • Chef Bob Krajewski

Dish: Chefs Share Their Signature Dishes

Chef Bob Krajewski | Tiqa’s Honey and Almond Grilled Lamp Chops

Tiqa | 327 Commercial St. | 207.808.8840 | tiqa.net


“One thing I learned a long time ago,” says Bob Krajewski, who is the chef at pan-Mediterranean restaurant Tiqa, “is that a touch of sugar added to the seasoning helps to caramelize the meat on the grill, which in turn intensifies both the natural sweet and savory characteristics of the lamb.”

This is the philosophy behind his grilled lamb chops, in which honey adds sweetness and depth to the flavor, while a showering of toasted almonds balances out the sweeter element. The dish is accompanied by a salad of raw shaved artichokes and arugula, which adds texture and a slight amount of bitterness, as well as a puree of rich olive oil and potato. “In Mediterranean cooking, the one ingredient that ties it all together is the olive,” Krajewski says. “Each region has its own type, and everyone uses olive oil in their cooking.”

Why is this dish a favorite? “The lamb chops are fun, fast, and delicious,” Krajewski says, “and so it’s the perfect fall dish for a busy Old Port restaurant like ours.”




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