LFK: Hutch Brown’s Rummy Foo Foo

  • Hutch Brown of LFK, Portland, ME

    Hutch Brown, whose signature drink is a Rummy Foo Foo, in his “office.”

  • Hutch Brown's signature drink: Rummy Foo Foo

After working at a high-volume tourist bar on Peaks Island, Hutch Brown learned that if you’re going to survive in the business, you’ve got to be fast. “At a busy bar there is always someone in need of something, and my job is to give them what they want.” He pauses. “Within reason.” 

Although he claims to not have any kind of signature cocktail, he is most well known for his Rummy Foo Foo, a drink that ended up on the cocktail list almost by accident. As Brown recalls, “I didn’t really know anyone at LFK, but somehow I had landed a job there. I showed up at an initial bartender meeting before their official opening, and I figured I was supposed to introduce a cocktail that the house can use, not knowing that there was already a list in place and we were there to learn those recipes. So I jumped behind the bar and spun up a Rummy Foo Foo, which I learned from my friend Don Perkins. I set it down in front of everyone, and they all burst into giggles. I guess the ’Foof just wasn’t complicated enough!”

Simple or not, you can’t deny the appeal of the Foo Foo, and it ended up on the menu after all. Call out your favorite rum and it will be mixed with cranberry and pineapple before being shaken until frothy and delightful. It only takes one sip before your mental cobwebs start to fall away and the afternoon takes on a bright, pinkish hue.   

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