Portland Hunt and Alpine Club: Andrew Volk’s classic Negroni

  • Andrew Volk of Portland's Hunt and Alpine Club

    Andrew Volk will take his Negroni straight up, please.

  • Andrew Volk’s signature cocktail is the classic Negroni.

When Andrew Volk opened the Portland Hunt and Alpine Club with his wife, Briana, he envisioned a place that could accommodate all of his drinking moods, and serve them well. Sometimes you want a great bottle of red wine, and other times you’re thirsty for a cold beer. 

“When I’m in a cocktail mood,” Volk says, “I always tend towards simplicity and balance. I’d much rather have a three-ingredient drink, where each component is complementary, rather than something with ten ingredients that are all just shouting over each other.”

Volk’s favorite example of such a beverage is the classic Negroni, for which he favors a straightforward London dry-style gin like Beefeater. He also keeps it simple with the sweet vermouth, opting for Cinzano Rosso, and of course, the bitter—and most pronounced—flavor of the drink comes from Campari. You simply combine these three things in equal parts, serve it on the rocks or straight up, and garnish with an orange twist. It seems so simple but, in the right hands, it’s very powerful magic.  

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