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At GarrandPartners markering and communication firm’s Washington Avenue office we ask where the team likes to bring clients for drinks. Turns out the folks at GarrandPartners know their war around a cocktail (or three).

Staff Favorite: Oxbow Brewing and Bottling

“The Inkwell at the Press Hotel is an awesome spot when you want something a little more classy. It’s a conversation starter since it’s in the old Portland Press Herald building, and the mixologist there creates really interesting cocktails.” — Krystin True, accounts

“We’ve rented skyboxes for Sea Dogs games and hosted many clients and business partners at once— the efficient way to network over hot dogs and drink with clients.” — Colleen Craig, practice lead-accounts

“In the winter, Fore Street. There is nothing better on a cold day, sitting on one of those couches with a bottle of Malbec and mussels. Because sometimes clients will come, and you can’t get a reservation. It’s just a lovely spot.” — Carrie Riley, PR lead

“In the summer, I love Novare Res. I just love the upper patio out there. I just think it’s great to take clients there, especially because there are so many local beers in Maine and they have a great selection.” — Colin Minte, digital strategist

“I like to bring clients here because they can never drink at their own place of business. The cabinet out back—there’s an unrestricted supply of rum and Coke.”
Allison Blackstone, creative director and rum drinker

Another place we have in the neighborhood—maybe we go out to lunch with clients more—is Terlingua. They have a great little bar, but it’s only three or four seats so you’ve got to kind of muscle your way in there. It’s kind of a little jewel over here that I’m not sure if a lot of people know about.”
— Matthew Caffelle, creative director

“On Munjoy Hill, Blue Spoon has $2 glasses of wine for happy hour and down the street the Front Room has $2.50 glasses of wine. They are client favorites (especially if they’re picking up the bill!).”
— Colleen Craig, practice lead-accounts

My favorite is the Cumberland Club. What I love most about it this time of year is their garden. It’s without a doubt the most beautiful place to sit and have a right proper cocktail, sitting next to the most beautiful flowers and enjoying a really elegant, private, quiet, in-the-city place.”— Brenda Garrand, CEO

“It’s a little lower brow, but if you want a taste of Maine, go down to the waterfront at the Porthole Restaurant and Pub, drinking next to fishermen and dudes in business suits.”— Tanya Sweatt, controller

Evo Kitchen and Bar has nice space over there. It’s just an impressive space, a summer and winter spot to hang out. Usually if you get a drink there, you end up getting dinner too because the food is really good.”— Brian Benson, accounts


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