Diners/Sandwich Shop


    428 Forest Ave. Portland, ME

    : $$$$

    Fans of Jewish deli food rejoiced when Rose Foods opened its doors last summer. Chef-owner Chad Conley (of Palace Diner fame), continues to convert skeptics with his… Read more »


    249 Congress St. Portland, ME

    : $$$$

    Chef Lee Farrington has returned to Congress Street with an entirely new concept: healthful, fresh, quick, and casual food. There’s avocado toast and sweet-and-salty oats for breakfast,… Read more »


    28 Preble St. Portland, ME

    : $$$$

    The day starts early for Lucy and Ian Dutch, who arrive at 5 a.m. to make multiple types of bread and many pastries for their eager fans…. Read more »


    64 Pine St. Portland, ME

    Monday–Friday: 7:30am–6:30pm, Saturday: 8am–6:30pm, Sunday: 8am–2pm

    This favorite gathering spot in the West End meets all your dining needs, from morning coffee, scones, and breakfast sandwiches to freshly prepared take-out dinners. Sandwiches are… Read more »

    Blue Rooster Food Co, Portland, Maine


    5 Dana St. Portland, ME

    Monday–Wednesday: 11am–6pm, Thursday–Saturday: 11am–2am, Sunday: 12pm–6pm

    Blue Rooster’s tater tots and hot dogs have a cult-like following. The tots come in buffalo, nacho, Thai-style, and other delicious treatments; the dogs come from Maine… Read more »

    Duckfat restaurant in Portland, ME


    43 Middle St. Portland, ME

    Daily 11am to 10pm

    You can’t miss Duckfat. It’s the tiny restaurant with throngs of people lined up outside, waiting their turn for a cone of Belgian-style French fries cooked in… Read more »