Corrie & Jonathan

Corrie & Jonathan
November 11, 2017 // Urban Farm Fermentory //
Photography by Emily Bienek, Elusive Photography //

Corrie and Jonathan met at the Great Lost Bear on November 11, 2016, during Portland Beer Week. They had their first date a week later at Union at the Press Hotel and quickly grew close. In December, they enjoyed a special evening—dinner at Vignola Cinque Terre followed by a performance of The Nutcracker at Merrill Auditorium. “This was the night I was sure I loved Corrie and told her so,” says Jonathan. Over the next few months, supporting each other through the deaths of Corrie’s father and Jonathan’s grandmother brought the couple even closer. In February, Corrie introduced Jonathan to her son, Adrian, and in early September, Jonathan proposed during a sunset sail in Casco Bay with Adrian present. “Jonathan knew my son wanted to go for a sail on the Bagheera, but all he told us was to dress warmly, that he had a surprise outing for us,” says Corrie. Their wedding day was a year to the date of their first meeting; following a photo session at various spots in Portland and a toast at Union, the couple joined family and friends for a ceremony and celebration at Urban Farm Fermentory. “I have been a craft beer enthusiast and homebrewer for years, so meeting during Portland Beer Week and getting married during it were no accidents,” says Jonathan.

Brewed to Last

First Look: Corrie and Jonathan had their first look outside the Press Hotel, followed by a Champagne toast and appetizers at Union, where they had their first date. “It was a beautiful moment where we felt something deep when looking at each other,” says Jonathan.

Flowers: Skillin’s Greenhouses created Corrie’s lush bouquet in fall tones— orange-hued orchids, roses, and dahlias, complemented by blue-green sea holly and eucalyptus, and tendrils of purple amaranth. Both the bouquet and Jonathan’s boutonierre included hops, a nod to the couple’s enjoyment of craft beer.

Venue: Jonathan and Corrie discovered Urban Farm Fermentory when he ran the Hard Cider Run, a 5K sponsored by the East Bayside producer of cider, kombucha, and beer. “We loved the drinks, the atmosphere, and everything about it,” Corrie says. “They made a special amalgam of a kombucha and cider for us they named The Union,” says Jonathan.


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